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CFA Update

The Cabin Fee Act (CFA) continues to await action by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and Congress.

The CFA (S. 1341/H.R. 1159) remains of vital importance to the future of the Forest Service Recreation Residence Program and to many cabin owners striving and hoping to retain their cabins in the face of drastically increased fees. As cabin owners know, these bills, which have been before Congress for nearly four years, are noncontroversial with strong bipartisan support, including support from the leadership of the major committees of jurisdiction in the House of Representatives and the Senate. But progress and final passage have been repeatedly blocked by a Congress too often stalemated, especially on public lands legislation, and a CBO whose approval is essential but which has set a moving fiscal target that the bill must satisfy to meet budget requirements.

On April 4th, in response to a negative March 5th CBO "Cost Estimate" of S. 1341, an amended version of the bill based on the latest relevant Forest Service data was submitted for informal CBO review. An accompanying cabin owner analysis explained the amendments and identified additional corrections to the CBO report. Cabin owners believe that careful CBO consideration of these proposed amendments and other points will satisfy concerns raised by the agency. Both Senate and House have requested that the CBO examine these proposed amendments and the accompanying cabin owner analysis so the bill can move forward. The House Natural Resources Committee is prepared to take up the amended S. 1341 at its next available "markup" session, probably in June, and is pressing the CBO to respond before then. Senate markup action is also being sought.

Meanwhile, a delegation of cabin owners will be traveling to D.C. in mid-June to meet with key Congressional leaders and with top Forest Service leadership, who have been very supportive of the CFA. Plans are being prepared for local cabin owner constituent visits with Members of Congress when they are back home for their July 4th Recess and for their month-long August Recess. If necessary, another D.C. cabin owner visit will take place in September. At the same time, professional lobbying support for the CFA is being enhanced and expanded as an all-out effort intensifies to get the CFA enacted into law this year.

Aubrey C. King
NFH Washington Representative

May 14, 2014

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Please check the NFH website (http://www.nationalforesthomeowners.org/) regularly for further information about the latest CFA developments in 2013 and how you can help advance the cause.


Contact our Senators and your Congressperson. Let them know we appreciate their support and want the Cabin Fee Act legislation passed in this new Congress.

Addendum from Pete Bailey, NFHA: The importance of a prompt ‘markup’ by the Energy & Natural Resources Committee is essential if we expect to have a chance at getting the bill passed this year. We ask that all Oregon cabin owners contact Senator Wyden before Monday, December 2 with the following message. Please try to put this in your own words as much as you can.

Give sincere thanks to Senator Wyden for his support and his commitment to get the Cabin Fee Act, S.1341, passed. This cannot be over emphasized:

Point out how much you appreciate his very positive remarks at the Nov. 20th hearing for S. 1341 by the Energy & Natural Resource Subcommittee on Public Lands, Forests, and Mining. We are very pleased to have full Forest Service support for S.1341, but stress how important getting the CFA passed into law this year because next year the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) evaluations become even more problematic than this year. Ask that S.1341 receive a prompt ‘markup’ by the ENR committee, perhaps just after Thanksgiving. This will encourage a quick response from the CBO and improves our chances of passage this year! Oregon cabin owners and cabin owners everywhere want to see S. 1341 passed without changes.

Senator Ron Wyden contact information:
            Phone:   (202) 224-5244   
            E-mail:    www.wyden.senate.gov/contact/

Senator Jeff Merkley
            Phone:   (202) 224-3753
            Email:     www.merkley.senate.gov/contact/

Congressional Representative
            Website to find your Representative: http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/

Also, if you can help support these efforts financially, the NFHA could use additional funds for the lobbying efforts.  For more information on how to help go to the NFHA website at: http://nationalforesthomeowners.org/ .  If we all work together, hopefully we will have a better and fairer permit fee system in the future.


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